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If you are currently struggling to pay your personal debt on a monthly basis, read more about sequestration.


​If you have a company or close corporation which is struggling to
meet its obligations, read more
about liquidation.

If you are an individual who has previously been declared insolvent and would like to move forward with your life, read more about rehabilitation.


Sequestration is a process where you get rid of harassing creditors by paying them as little as 20% of the debt you owe them in instalments that suit your pocket.

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We offer affordable and lasting debt solutions to individuals and businesses


If after sequestration you want to become credit worthy, a rehabilitation application has to be brought. This means that the sequestration status is removed from your ITC and you will again be able to obtain finance.

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If your company is not able to meet its obligations, liquidation might be the best solution.

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