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Insolvency lifeline was founded in 2013 and has since brought over 200 successful voluntary sequestration applications in the High Court ensuring that over 200 families have been living debt free since 2013.

Although our main focus is voluntary sequestration, we believe that all clients should be rehabilitated and we keep in touch with our clients during their sequestration to ensure that they have the opportunity to someday be credit worthy again. ​



Affordable and lasting debt solutions to individuals and businesses


If you are currently struggling to pay your debt on a monthly basis, scroll through to Voluntary Sequestration for the best possible debt solution.

If you have a company or close corporation which is struggling to meet its obligations, scroll through to Liquidation to for the best debt solution for your company. 

If you are an individual who has previously been declared insolvent and would like to move forward with your life, scroll to Rehabilitation for all the information you need on how to proceed.