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Sequestration is a process where you get rid of harassing creditors by paying them as little as 20% of the debt you owe them in installments that suit your pocket.


If after sequestration you want to become credit worthy again, a rehabilitation application has to be brought. This means that the sequestration status is removed from your ITC and you will be able to obtain finance again.  


If your company is not able to meet its obligations, liquidation might be the best solution. 

Get rid of harassing creditors by paying them as little as 20% of the debt you owe them, in installments that
suit yo
ur pocket. 


1. Get rid of harassing creditors. 

2. Keep your salary, other income & pension.

3. Keep your job.

4. Stop legal action and attachment of your assets. 

5. Your assets are safe.

6. Keep your car.

7. Stay in your home.

8. No need to appear in court. 

9. Start a new life.

10. Get rehabilitated.




Sequestration is a process whereby you declare bankruptcy because:

  • You can't pay your debt every month.​​

  • You have more liabilities than assets.​​

  • You are under Debt Review, but cannot afford the monthly installments.​​

  • Your creditors have already terminated the Debt Review.​​

  • Your debt is not getting less, even though you are under Debt Review.​​

  • Your house is being auctioned or has already been sold, leaving you with a huge shortfall.​​

  • You were unemployed for some time and  now you battle to pay debts you made whilst you were unemployed. ​​

  • You got divorced and was left to pay for the  communal debt.



You do not have to stay insolvent indefinitely

You can be rehabilitated after sequestration after the following time periods:

6 Months after sequestration

 If no claims have been proven against your estate. 

12 Months after sequestration

If claims have been submitted you can apply 12 months after the Master has confirmed the L&D Account. 

4 Years after sequestration

If you buy back your assets from the estate over 18 months, you will be eligible to rehabilitate after 4 years. 



If your company or close corporation is struggling to meet it's obligations, liquidation might be your only solution

There are two processes of which you can choose from. We will advise you on the best option.

CIPC process

The company or close corporation is liquidated by CIPC. This process is hassle free and takes a minimum of 2 weeks. 

Court process

Sometimes it might be better to have the company or close corporation liquidated by way of the court process. This means that the companies or close corporations creditors will receive notice of the liquidation. This process can take up to 3 months. 


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